WindPal – Charge your devices off-grid


WindPal – Charge your devices off-grid

I am Janne Papunen, the operative head of the company Windester Ltd. We have invented an innovative environmental technology in Finland with small-scale wind power applications. As of Q1 2018, we are at the prototype phase and looking for more testers with an estimated market launch in Q2 2018 in the sailing industry with WindPal product portfolio.

Our previous evolution of the technology provided a working solution for easy portable energy production for climbers and hikers (outdoors) for their small devices with very positive feedback from testers in this niche market. We have also engaged with potential partners providing energy solutions to the third world countries.

Our current aim is to move to the growing global market of sailing and boating by providing our proprietary solution for off-grid power production. This IP protected solution gives many competitive advantages over other renewable energy production solutions in the market today. These benefits include lower manufacturing costs with higher margins, performance, ease of use and setting up (mounting and unmounting the product), as well as safety (no blades) and silence. According to our initial market research the silent operations of the product have raised significant interest among sailors.

We are looking for 50.000 € investment with accompanying knowledge and networks of the high net-worth individual(s). This seed money will make it possible to draw money from government investment program TEMPO. These two combined will enable further strengthening of the IP portfolio as well as support the growth of the company internationally by building a manufacturing and distribution network worldwide.