venture day

 Are you a startup or early stage growth company looking for financing? Better come prepared because it is a jungle out there!

Venture Day is your personal guide to help you reach your goal. With keynotes from financing experts and experienced fundraisers Venture Day will help you navigate to find your investment opportunity. You can get exclusive one-on-one sessions with some of the experts as well as free legal advise.

Venture Day is designed to lead you through the process of finding growth financing and will let you look beyond the obvious options available. Learn that there is more to growth financing than just banks, vc’s and angels.

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Venture Day will:
1. Help you to nail your company’s financing.
2. Consolidate hundreds of hours of information into a single day.
3. Let you avoid the most common mistakes made when raising financing.
4. Save you from hours of fruitless activity.
5. Reduce the risk of failing.

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