TaskSharella uutta työtä


During the last few years we had been noticing that there is an increasing amount of youngsters on Facebook, who offer themselves for helping with small tasks such as lawn mowing and pet sitting. They are willing to show their credibility and work ethic to people and find their place at the society. Unfortunately, often the Facebook walls they post their offers are so filled with extra noise, that not many potential adults ever see them.

At the same time, while working on different great companies, we have found out that mid-/senior level employees do not only have more than enough of work to do at the office, but also very often have a family and a house to be taken care of. They work from 9-5 at the office and after that they head straight to the home and start the, we like to call it  “workday no. 2”. They indeed are the heroes of work, but we started wondering, is there anyway we could help them to get more out of their spare times, so that they really can enjoy their lives. Not to mention, that we could clearly see ourselves on their shoes in a few decades.

With these two problems in mind the idea started slowly to take shape into the form of a web platform, where these two huge groups of our population could solve each others problems with the help of our matchmaking efforts. Adults with two workdays can buy the most important asset there is for their lives, they can buy valuable time with their loved ones. At the same time they can act responsibly by sharing their mundane tasks from gardening to window cleaning for local youngsters, who can finally show that they can be trusted and that they are diligent, which could be huge to their future careers and also they get paid for that.

We believe the working life is going towards a disruption, where peer-to-peer hiring will be a thing that enables people to solve each others problems. And that is what TaskShare is designed for.

At this point we are searching a seed investment of <25k€ for marketing purposes.

Check our MVP on: https://taskshare.fi