Sparkwork platform enables top-class customer experience via outstanding employee experience


Sparkwork SaaS platform focuses on improving employee experience via efficient onboarding, easy online training and simplified communication for scattered workforce with an aim of providing consistent customer service across locations and departments. Sparkwork is the go-to-platform for service focused organizations in hospitality, healthcare, retail and logistics to bring the entire workforce on the same page. The existing office workers’ collaboration (Slack, Yammer, Saba) and school based training platforms (Moodle, Gimlet) are too complicated or clunky for these deskless workers that only have a mobile device.

Sparkwork is led by tech veterans and serial entrepreneurs in HR software industry – Bijay Baniya & Björn Wiberg. We started operations in 2016 and after the POC in the Finnish market in 2017, we are all set to internationalize Sparkwork to the UK and India. We have already validated these two key markets and have found key people to lead these two markets.

What has happened/looking forward:
2016 – started operations, built the product
2017 – launched the product in the Finnish market in the fall, first paying customers such as R-kioski, Fysios, CMS, Suomen Telecenter, Mirka etc. POC (proof of concept established). More than 5 000 active users in the platform.
2018 – open the UK market in H1, 2018. Open the Indian market in H2, 2018.

Looking for funding 200K-400K€ for internationalizing Sparkwork.