ReachIM – Mass Communication Platform, “One Stop Hub”

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ReachIM, the WhatsApp of organizational communication, empowers a mobile-driven, cross-platform communication environment, resulting in engaged employees, partners and customers. With genuine engagement comes a 200% increase in competitive edge, tripling productivity and increased employee innovation (Dale Carnegie and McKinsey).

The following are the most important communication challenges that ReachIM aims to solve:

  • Large organizations not able to achieve effortless, routine, continuous communication, not able to react to internal and external instantly.
  • All employees and organizational stakeholders cannot be reached simultaneously in case of crisis. Need is high due to any possible terrorist attacks, natural disasters, etc.
  • Customer masses and defined stakeholders can´t be reached efficiently based on their needs and expectations, critical information and ideas not reaching contacts instantly with small effort and minimal expenses.
  • Information and people working in silos, not enough interaction within an organization, not enough engagement to business objectives as a whole.
  • Not able to offer customer centric targeted, joined-up communication experience across all consumer and employee touchpoints.                                                                                                                                               ReachIM initial potential: B-to-b, 500 million users, global market.Co-founders background: F-Secure, Fujitsu Services, companies with high growth and international business