A digital booking agency and marketplace for professional performers

There is no clear market leader – AirBnB or Foodora – for small scale gigs. Gigle aims to be that:  the simplest and prettiest way to find and book local performers, and a tool for performers to manage their work and get new gigs.

Be it music, theatre, children’s show or a workshop – we will remove negotiation and make finding and booking local performances as easy as possible. Whether it’s puppet theatre, violin playing, stand-up comedy, giant soap bubbles or any other performance where an artist comes by and brings her gear – Gigle will take care of it.

Situation now:

We have planned and developed Gigle since 2015 and sold gigs since fall 2016 in Helsinki area. We launched the web service this summer in Helsinki area and will concentrate on partnering, sales and optimising SEM and ROI during the Autumn. Our second test locale will be Netherlands, where we already have started building networks. Our base revenue is generated from transaction commissions – Gigle takes a service fee of 15% from each successful payment. Serviceable available market size is total $ 2 500 000 000 worldwide.

Gigle will not be just another online portal for performers. We’ll integrate billing, contracts, notifications, online marketing and many other features to create real value for all parties. Our goal is to make impulse buying possible for live performances, grow international fast and match supply to demand. At the moment the professional long tail of performers are left unserved, and the customers don’t have a modern channel for finding local talent. We aim to correct that with a mix of cultural and tech experience.

Core team:

Inkeri Borgman (founder, CEO) is a start-up entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in arts, production and sales. She is finalising her second arts and leadership/management related degree at Sibelius Academy Helsinki. Inkeri has worked with internationally acclaimed Finnish artists and is enthusiastic in supporting upcoming talents.

Janne Matilainen (founder, product lead) is a creative designer/developer and a serial entrepreneur with a 20 year history in internet and games. He co-founded Playforia, a game studio that reached 2M monthly active users with its Facebook games and online gaming community and had operations in eleven countries.

We have extensive networks in both culture and internet/gaming in Finland and abroad. We believe that if booking a performer was as easy as ordering a pizza, urban people would do it more.