ELASI (Enhance Language Training For Skilled Immigrants)


Improving the employment prospects of skilled immigrants through industry-specific language training. At the moment, we are focused on building the capacity of Finnish Hospitals, Clinics, and Care Facilities to be able to reach their potential. We do this through our Professional Finnish language training for Nurses (PFLAN) course.
Like many healthcare providers around the world, the shortage of nurses has rapidly increased in Finland because of baby boomer nurses retiring and emigration of Finnish nurses. On the other hand, there is increased demand of nurses due to the ageing population. Because of this, many companies are looking to import foreign nursing workforce. However, the major challenge they face is communication and cultural barrier.
At ELASI we understand the importance communication as a tool to enhance patient safety. We also understand that our clients are finding it hard to find nurses with industry-specific language skills. It is for this reason that our services exist – we offer our clients Market-ready talent by improving the professional Finnish Language of immigrant nurses. Our course includes:
• Interactive online classroom with real-time participation of both the students and the teacher
• Simulated workplace
• mentorship
• internships
• Certification