Crafts Group is changing the way how handicraft is sold internationally


Crafts Group is a globally scalable platform that enables direct contact between customers and craftsmen, improves access to products and offers new export channels. Initially, the platform will be launched in Estonia and Finland in 40+ countries in the future. Finland will serve as a springboard for international expansion. Our vision is to become the leading global online marketplace for craftsmen.

Handicraft international sales have been complicated due to lack of time and skills to set up a web-shop, limited language and export sales skills, as well as weak online personal and product branding. Our aim is to make the process flawless by removing these obstacles and introducing new export channels. There are no comparable solutions available in Europe that offer the specific tools and country focus product portfolio our platform provides.

The market is large and growing: The Finnish crafts market size is € 1.1B with 8900 craftsmen and the Estonian market size is € 110M with 5500 craftsmen.

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