BCaster New era of internet videos


With BCaster you can be everywhere!

BCaster is a new video service for a curious everyday smartphone user who is interested to see what happens and has happened near him or her. You only need to press record and stop. BCaster takes care of the rest. We share, analyze, tag and describe video content automatically. Therefore, everybody else around the world is also able to see the same thing you just captured.

BCaster will be fully automated AI Based video platform. It enables payments and take care copyrights. BCaster doesn’t have competitors, it supports all social media services like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsup etc. BCaster is extremely easy to use, all the data will be analyzed using intelligent algorithms.

No more messy keywords or meta tags. If you know when and where it happened, you are able to find the right content. BCaster is also capable to evaluate video quality and extract context information. Therefore BCaster is able to provide only the best and most suitable clips for end users.

BCaster has countless business opportunities, B2C side all mobile device users in world, B2B side all media houses, broadcasters, sport leagues, event organisers etc.


BCaster is a Finnish video production platform company who wanted to build new concept for mobile videos for the world to use. We are the dream team from the north. Honest and open-minded geniuses. Crazy and gutsy, passionate and curious about what we do. Founded by three friends who wanted to take internet videos to the next level. Today we are a team of ten in Helsinki.

BCaster Oy is starting new funding round at september 2017. Now is time for new investors to become a part of our story. Would you like to join us?

During the autumn 2017 BCaster is going to participate in the next events:

TechCrunch Disrupt – San Francisco

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 – San Francisco

Websummit – Lissabon

SLUSH – Helsinki

Janne Neuvonen


BCaster Oy