AMBIT.CHAT is the only fully deAMBICHATcentralized chat application


AMBIT.CHAT is the only fully decentralized chat application

AMBIT.CHAT is the only fully decentralized chat application—we make this claim because our push notifications do not go through Google or Apple servers—patent on the way)–and the only chat application that uses each device as a node in a network supporting decoy routing, which concurrently unblocks the web for users around the world while promoting non-censorability. We pair this with KYC-compliant money transfers within the app via our financial exchange investors’ money transmitter license: which we start with day one from launch.


90% of the world’s population oppose sharing user data with another company. 88% of Americans say it is important that they not have someone watch or listen to them without their permission. 25% of the world use a VPN when online

User Unmet Demand

According to Electronic Frontier Foundation nearly every chat application fails to
live up to their public privacy claims, whether they suffer from user data leaks or
public of government surveillance. The chat applications that claim to be decentralized
without central database storing information are not in fact really decentralized at all: and t
hat is because their push notifications with sensitive and private communication go through Apple and Google’s servers.


We closed with Bittrex, the financial exchange, as our first investor towards our round. We are raising 1 million USD.

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