Xtrem Global Limited


Seamless Global Path – For Brands and retailers

Xtrem Global is a global cross-border eCommerce solution and service company that provides professional services. We provide brands and retailers solutions, which enable seamless global sales, with low operational costs and high conversion rates.

The solution we developed, Global eCommerce Accelerator, was launched in 2015 and has users in both Europe and the United States. Global eCommerce Accelerator “GeA” has been developed to solve the key challenges of eCommerce internationalization, such as logistics, duty and tax management, localization, and product catalog management challenges.

Global eCommerce Accelerator is suitable for mid-market and Enterprise businesses, which sell physical products and have the desire to grow globally. Merchants will reach a global audience, without major investments in the infrastructure or new agreements, in a fast project schedule that can be even less than a month.

Xtrem Global’s Finnish-Canadian team has a wide experience in the global cross-border online retail market, possessing experience in product development, logistics, marketing, sales, and operations management.

The company has gained a status among the TOP 5 companies of our business, an excellent brand visibility, as well as customers from the United States and Europe. Xtrem Global is a growth company, with the aim to establish its position among the three major companies in our business, in the next few years.

Xtrem Global is applying for growth funding for US sales development and has launched the first round of funding for investors. We’re seeking a total of £400,000 in funding, for which we’re seeking 2 to 3 investors with an at least £50,000 share and several small investors.

For more information about our business and the funding round, please contact our CEO Pasi Pietarinen pasi(A)xtremglobal.co.uk, +44 20 8133 7144