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Write Technologies Oy
All major categories of human communication have already shifted from analog to digital except one – handwriting.

However, it has been the dominant form of human communication for 6000 years. And it is known to be the most efficient form of communication in key aspects such as creativity, cognition, memorizing and self-expression.

There have been significant technological barriers hindering the breakthrough of digital handwriting. The difficulties can be divided into hardware, software and back-end related issues.

Hardware issues: displays and styluses as well as processor power have been sub-standard. Lag or latency has been problematic, friction has been unnatural, display resolution has been too low, parallax and hysteresis have made the writing experience clumsy and the processor effort has even caused the displays to become dangerously hot.

Software issues: Handwriting software and applications have been poor from a user experience point of view, not creating a natural U/X and not supporting sharing between users.

Back-end issues: In order to make digital handwriting truly superior in comparison to analog notebooks, machine learning and big-data based recognition of writing, drawing, patterns and gestures needs to be integrated into the service.

Technology has recently become mature enough for the breakthrough of digital handwriting. We at Write Technologies are in the forefront of developing well-functioning consumer products and services and bring these to market.

The market potential is substantial. Over 2bn people are using analog notebooks daily. These notebooks are a €10bn annual market. And this excludes the education handwriting market, which is at least as big. We believe that during the coming few years digitalization will take over a major proportion of these markets.

We are a team of seasoned technology experts from different disciplines who all share a common love of handwriting. Co-founders are Tuomo Pentikäinen, succesfull serial entrepreneur who has grown and internationalized several high-tech companies including BiiSafe and Movenium, Aleksi Aaltonen – professor of information systems, who recently sold his company MOVES to Facebook, Marko Ahtisaari, currently at MIT Media Lab and in Sync project, previously responsible of Nokia’s design for 6 years and Ville Vehkaperä, who has been the Lead Principal Engineer concept & technology at MeeGo and advanced technology units as well as the technical brain behind recent Silicon Valley companies PopSlate and Teforia.

Our seed funding round is open. Please: visit our website at www.write.tech or contact tuomo@write.tech.