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QueXperience – We Transform Queuing to Experience

Virtualize Ordered Queues

QueXperience mobile queuing web application does not need any installations to customers mobile phone. It alerts when his turn approaches freeing him from waiting in the queue to active shopping.

Organize Unordered Queues

Flight passengers does not need to wait in boarding gates when boarding queue is monitored in real time and information is provided to passengers QueXperience mobile queuing web application.

Auto Organizing QueuesQueXperience

Solution provides workers in Office Hotel with real time information on lunch restaurant utilization level. Lunch queue is auto organized when people thrives for optimizing their lunch hour timing.

Investment Opportunity

Product development has been completed and product is rolled out to Finnish market.Company is seeking to raise  funding total of 380 k€ for sales pipeline conversion, market research (EU, Scandinavia) and new partners acquisition.