Sex robot wellness services


Sex robot wellness services
– this concept has already been tried out, poorly, in Helsinki but it went bankrupt so it is already approved as a legal service business in Finland
– rental property with different rooms, each one would be occupied by one sex robot that can be customized by the customer desires. It is possible to manufacture even a real looking face selected by the customer for each robot and each rental time – contracts with real life famous persons can be made in advance. Also other properties can be customized for each customer – of course for extra payment, like hair color, breast size, penis size, eye color, body shape and so on
– best robots in the market can be found from the US or Japan, prices are around $10000 each without any customization (these should not be mixed up with the sex dolls that were used in the Helsinki robot bordel because those were just plain silicon dolls)
– each room in the property could be themed differently and the company could also apply for license to serve alcohol and food for the customers using the rooms inside the property
– there’s a need for developing a web / mobile application which customers would use to book a time in a room in the property with a sex robot that they want (with or without special customizations). customer would be billed by a credit card (bank would also validate the customers to be over 18 of age automatically). Slots to rooms with a robot could be booked by one hour slots or more, perhaps giving a discount if customer books the room for all day.
– seed fund is applied for starting the business, hiring the needed man power for cleaning, robot service after customer has left, security services, property rental, legal advice, accouting, etc.
– the sex robot market has exploded in Japan where birth rate after launching sex robots in the market has dropped dramatically so it is expected that customers will be happy for their service in the property
– robots are able to work 24/7, needing only service in between of different customers
– there should be some spare robots to use in the property so that the rooms can be in business use while other robots are being maintenanced and cleaned in some other area
– branding could be made by some Valio milk girl contest winner that is all people favorite