Sartar Therapeutics – a novel targeted therapy for a rare cancer, GIST


GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumor) is a rare soft tissue tumor that is frequently caused by mutations in KIT protein. KIT protein targeting drugs are efficient in GIST therapy but the majority of GISTs develop resistance for these drugs eventually, cancer will progress and patients run out of therapy options.

Sartar Therapeutics develops a new precision medicine product for treatment of GIST. Our patented innovation is based on a discovery of novel therapy targets in cancer, and new use and reformulation of anagrelide, a drug that has been used earlier to treat a rare blood disease. Anagrelide shows high efficacy alone in patient-derived GIST xenograft mouse models but it also complements efficacy of Glivec (Novartis), the current first-line therapy option for the patients.

Our first-class management team with leading experts in the GIST therapy and business development is committed to delivering an innovative, therapeutic option for GIST patients who have run out of therapy options. Repositioning of anagrelide provide us fast, safe and cost-effective way to approach this goal.