The Store sales tool and Bagholder product for food stores and 3-D medicine for health and elderly care.

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The Store sales tool and Bagholder product for food stores and 3-D medicine for health and elderly care.

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Increased return, worker wellbeing, attention, reduced food spill and reduced advertisement costs when using the store sales tool. Increased convenience shorter queues, space savings, faster paying and increased return when using the Bagholder product.

The 3-D software medicine heals, reduces cost and creates income in health and elderly care

Store products Helping the customer purchase in stores and Offering the customer what she wants in stores.

The Store sales tool creates a service, return, worker wellbeing, reduces food spill and advertisement costs and increases attention.

– Store Sales tool and strategy for food stores. Its return and function has been measured over a period of 1,5 years measured daily from accounting data.

The Bagholder product provides a pic, bag and go function working with automated payment solutions.

– The queueing or payment function becomes 6 times faster which shortens queues, saves space and increases convenience and return. It provides the most effective and ecological choice. Especially suitable with the new eco materials brought forward by the Swedish government and being developed by Axfood, Bergendahls, Coop, Ica and Lidl.

– The Bagholder products manufacturer is ISO certified.

Marketing funds.

The medical product heals, reduces cost and creates income in health and elderly care.

– A 3-D software medicine. A Medical Device for global hospital, geriatric, home, memory sickness and psychiatric care.

– Functions of the device rigorously follow vast proven research governed by the FDA, EMA and WMA.

– Vastly researched and proven product functions by top researchers at top institutions globally to find what works and what is called for to bring better health.

– MD1 (CE) Software medicine.

Research funding and marketing funds.

Comparing recent market efforts:

VirtaHealth Coach in comparison to the 3-D medicine.

“Free translation”: VirtaHealth Coach provides the doctor an analysis and monitoring tool to guide the patient thus reversing diabetes 2 to a large % in their 1st study. Patient costs can be saved. Diabetes 2 is common and causes problems and many costs. Virta raised additional funds to support its developments last week.

The 3-D medicine heals, saves costs and generates income. It is automatic, independent and suitable for patients in hospital, geriatric and home care. It has many healing functions all tested and researched extensively globally with good results in our reputable countries by reputable researchers. It is endorsed by the head of research at one of our largest hospitals. Its functions also perform functions called for by these same researchers to tackle other problems inherent today, spanning from east to west. The medically related savings create a lucrative proposition. In addition, other cost savings are brought forward for the institution in particular. And the institution can create some income as well, if appropriate.

Recently Nasdaq listed BBS 2.2018 (Artebone) Artebone is an invasive syringe and substance. It is a medical device.  The objective of the Offering is primarily to enable the Company to raise funds to complete ARTEBONE®’s ongoing application processes for the CE mark and FDA approval, begin commercial production and the commercialisation of the product.