Rehaboo! Physiotherapy Gamified Angel Round


Rehaboo! Physiotherapy Gamified.

We empower and motivate patients to commit to rehab via gamification – using their own body as controller
Rehaboo! Squat is our first game, MVP ready for piloting (12/2017). Our user tests show that kids love to play with movement – and we bet that elderly love it too. Our first elderly game is called ”Walk in a Park”
We are working with Movement Sensing, making physiotherapy Fun, Empowering and Measurable. Remote training is not done well at the moment. Patients lack motivation and we bring trough empowerment.

We are working on with pilot projects currently, and are planning to join the VTT led ICory research project. For that we need an angel investment of 75-100K€ now, to join the Business Finland financed project to scale up internationally, and create new games, also for elderly. Exit plan in 2020 when we will be bought by some of the industry giants.

Rehaboo team is awesome. Me with 20 years of business experience, 3 just graduated multitalents as co-founders. And the new co-founders bring seniority with me. Our Network is awesome, too. GE Healthcare for example.

Our business model & Hockey Stick are very scalable, plan to have 10 customer deliveries in 2018 – 100 in 2019 – 300 in 2020. We are in the SaaS business. License model leads to recurring revenues. And it’s scalable. Games sold to children’s hospitals, for multiple devices, with multiple licenses. Centric devices for care homes abnd other training facilities.