Radari Solutions, Chaining Supply with Demand !




I’m ICT-professional with 32 years of experience.

Last 20 I’ve been working with international industry companies in field of sales, key Accounts, VP, etc.

Customers like SSAB, Outokumpu, Boliden, Abloy, John Deere Forestry, PKC Group are very familiar to me.

I established my own business during this summer. My company Radari Solutions Oy’s identity is build on removing all kinds of waste.

Along with my experience i have also negotiated a reseller rights to Scandinavia for one of most sold APS (Advanced planning&scheduling) and SCP (Supply chain planning) from Japan called Asprova. My nose tells me that this concept will have huge market in Europe among industrial companies.

With my former employer I sold first two solutions to Scandinavian market.

One for midsize log house manufacturer called Kontiotuote.

 The results are amazing. From order to delivery we cut lead time 50 %.Working progress inventory (WIP) was cut to half. Used production planning time was decreased dramaticly. They used to have 4 planners for production and today the production manager makes planning to whole factory as a sidejob. 

Another solution I sold to 6 billion € company called Boliden. Solution covers all their APS-planning for copper and Zink plants in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Addition to that they also purchased supply chain planning solution/SCP)

In SCP solution their headquarter in Stockholm their central planners uses the Asprova SCP solution to plan everyday challenges like in which factory the orders will be manufactured and from where the raw material are purchased and with what kind of routes and transportation (ships, trains, trucks) are used for delivery. 

Now I will start to sell these solutions with my own business Radari Solutions. I need to scale the business with key personnel in such a form that addition to sales we can also deliver and support 😊 Ihave all the needed key players checked. What I need know is funding.

I have close collaboration with other European Asprova resellers (mainly in Germany, Poland and Czech). I have also agreed with University of Oulu to start collaboration with the faculty of process technology. related to Asprova. We also have research collaboration plans with university to build toolkit for companies related to Lean philosophy. This is something I can tell you more if we proceed together with this business case.

I’m looking for venture capital partner, professional help and a sparring community in order to fulfill my dreams about international successful and trusted business called Radari Solutions with the slogan “Chaining Supply with Demand”.


Kind Reagds:

Kari Juntunen