The Problem

Global problems in surgery account for 1,000,000 unnecessary deaths and 7,000,000 patients are left disabled per year, according to ”The Checklist Manifesto”, written by dr. Atul Gawande. According to WHO, 50% of complications associated with surgical care are avoidable. WHO also states that all this along with other healthcare incidents costs up to $19B annually in some countries. In Finland the estimate is between €500M to €1B.

The Solution – Exceptional care flow, without an Exception

Megical has been working with top Finnish hospitals to find a solution to this problem starting from 2012. The answer is that Megical provides, in same app, clinical workflows/checklists and instant reporting for safe and efficient care. Megical also uses automated algorithms to benchmark every patient’s care path in real time. Hospitals not only save vast amounts of money due less complications, incidents and inefficiencies but will save directly 15min. per reported, analysed and distributed document due automation with M-Leader. In big hospital that’s about 7500hrs of labor in one year.

The Opportunity

There are 500,000 operating rooms in the world. Megical full solution MRR is €1,000 per OR. Clients using product from 3/2017. Patent in progress for key features of the platform. Product impacts directly to the gravity centers at the hospital operative level: Safety and Quality with Efficiency and Cost. No integration work needed, we launch from cloud.

Investment Schedule

Market study €50,000 in 2015 and seed round €620,000 in 2016. Next round 2017 for full tech-team and sales pipeline.

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