Meeting Park A Unique Safe Harbor for Businesses


Meeting Park

In today’s high demand global business world, companies are looking for quality business facilities and services that are required to be secure, flexible and easy to reach – even at a very short notice.

Business Meeting Park Group offers just that; a very unique confidential business meeting & office world with a wide range of lounges, meeting, conference, (co)working and office spaces, as well as all related business services such as video conferencing, at the very best locations around the clock, 24/7.

Services even extend to travel and business arrangements, match-making, technology partner scouting, real-estate agent services, and arbitration facilities, which are widely used due to Meeting Park’s very unique general confidentiality policy. Meeting Park helps it’s customers to focus in their business and growth.

Meeting Park has become the go-to destination for international customers visiting Finland on business. Already with over 1,900 business clients from all around the world, Meeting Park is the fastest growing private business meeting and office park in Finland. Having seen such success in Helsinki, Meeting Park is now looking to expand – also internationally, to new locations with local and international partners.

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