Loogup is an intelligent real estate platform powered by big data analytics and artificial intelligence, that helps first-time home buyers make smarter decisions

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With Loogup, we want to reduce the risk of an economic crash in the EU and the world caused by housing bubbles, by helping first-time home-buyers make smart decisions reducing the information asymmetry and increasing their bargain power.

Inflated Real estate prices and inefficient tools like binary filtering, create barriers for home buyers, especially for first-timers. Current property portals are based on an outdated, binary filtered search. They present home buyers with generic results and constantly priorities the same properties, putting them in an oversaturated bidding process and leaving out affordable options that would fit their needs and preferences. This inflates property prices, accelerating housing market bubbles.

We at Loogup have developed an intelligent, real estate platform that, by using behavioral economics, mathematical models, and artificial intelligence, helps first time home buyers make smarter decisions. By supporting the buyer with the means, context and interface to better assess property valuation and availability, we help democratise the real estate market. Our platform makes home searching & buying a rational decision-making process, from what is infamously known as a difficult and emotional process, especially for first-time home buyers