Inbot is an AI-powered platform for trusted introductions, referrals and social shares.

inbot ai platform

What is Inbot?

Inbot is a platform for ethical growth. Businesses offer rewards to our community of 66,000 people to receive introductions to customers, and to get their message spread in social media. 70% of the placed rewards are distributed to the community, while Inbot charges a 30% fee to finance the development and operation of the platform.

With ethical growth, we mean that we are focused on building trust and social proof for our partners. With the added trust, we have achieved over 50% conversion rates for our partners from intros to deals. Businesses pay us for our services in euros, and we pay the rewards to our community members in tokens. This automates our global reward system, while offering companies the predictability and convenience of euro as a payment mechanism.

We recently announced a new service called Trust on Twitter. The service allows companies to bootstrap their Twitter presence with community engagement and testimonials. They can also use the service to increase their credibility in the international markets. We already proved that we can achieve better-than-competition metrics due to our focus on trust-building, and are now onboarding customers and automating the reward processing for this service. Trust on Twitter is our first social sharing service, and we will launch support for more social networks later.

We won the Global Blockchain Competition in AI-category in 2018 in Singapore, and work in partnership with industry leaders to further the global blockchain ecosystem.

Initial Exchange Offering for our InToken Cryptocurrency

To grow the platform and service faster and further, we are preparing for an Initial Exchange Offering of our InToken cryptocurrency. We are already operational on Stellar blockchain and listed on Stellar exchanges, but we did not arrange an initial coin offering. This means we have majority of the tokens available for issue via an exchange offering. We are currently working with a prominent listing arranger TokenMarket to achieve this.

Exchange Offerings on top exchanges are currently well received. Another Blockchain AI startup raised $6 million in 22 seconds with their IEO on Binance launchpad. In addition to funding, a successful exchange offering increases the liquidity and market value of the token, offering significant upside for the existing investors.

We are looking for a couple of more seed investors to finance the listing. Please contact us for more information.