Ihku – reverse Facebook for new friendships


” Ihku – reverse Facebook for new friendships

The digital world is broken. Globalization and urbanization are moving us apart at an increasing speed. Even though social media usage is growing, we are still feeling lonelier day by day. While traditional social media puts us in the passenger seat where we passively watch others’ polished feeds, it also makes it harder and harder to create deeper connections with other users. In other words, we all have the basic human need to feel that we belong, but we are not able to start high-quality interactions online.

Ihku is a remedy for broken online connections and a new way of interaction which allows you to find, meet and chat with new groups and individuals. You can share what you are passionate about, discover new people by hobbies and interests and build unique friendships with other likeminded users. Our primary target users are introverts who find it hard to create meaningful connections and friendships with others. It is a unique platform where roads cross and individuals meet in a cozy, real-time environment to make friends with those they would not have been able to meet otherwise. “