Tripper – Because everyone hates doing the travel expense reports

Travel expense management is a manual process and a pain in all Western countries. Both end users and accountants waste a lot of valuable work hours to process travel expense...

WindPal – Charge your devices off-grid

WindPal - Charge your devices off-grid I am Janne Papunen, the operative head of the company Windester Ltd. We have invented an innovative environmental technology in Finland with small-scale wind...


At least 70% of Finnish consumers have shown interest in eating insects. With the global population growth and impending lack of natural resources humanity needs an alternative for traditional sources...

Rehaboo! Physiotherapy Gamified Angel Round

Rehaboo! Physiotherapy Gamified. We empower and motivate patients to commit to rehab via gamification - using their own body as controller Rehaboo! Squat is our first game, MVP ready for piloting...

Spektikor – Rapid patient monitoring during triage

Spektikor - Rapid patient monitoring during triage Spektikor® RAPIDA Indicator is an effective and disposable solution for detecting changes in a patient’s heart rate. It produces critical information about life-threating...


I'm Sampsa Siitonen, CEO of Witrafi. We build parking services. Last year our revenues surpassed 200 000 €, this year aiming for 500 000 €. We have 2 products...

Kuveno automates adminstration

Kuveno automates administration Kuveno is set to revolutionize corporate administration. We automate many of the dreary tasks that usually take up the time of SME managers/entrepreneurs. We provide a platform where:...

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ELASI (Enhance Language Training For Skilled Immigrants)

Improving the employment prospects of skilled immigrants through industry-specific language training. At the moment, we are focused on building the capacity of Finnish Hospitals,...

Edvisto – YouTube and Facebook of Education

Educational Video Storytelling as a learning method is proven to motivate, engage and excite children to school-based learning. By combining traditional storytelling and modern...


Redeye Redeye works with companies that has matured to the point that they considers an IPO in the coming 12-20 months. Redeye is one the leading...
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